Halloween Safety Tips

bentley haloweenHalloween, the most frightful time of the year!

You have to admit that year after year, Halloween never really gets old. Scary movies and haunted walks in the woods make some thrill seekers count down the days until it’s arrival. While some of us appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the season without being totally terrified, and still being provided with chocolate everywhere you go. Jack-o-lanterns pose a threat for curious kittens and electrical cords are dangerous all year long. Continue…

My Dog and Cat Have Fleas!

flea photoOh Hey, Let’s Talk Pupae! by front desk specialist Jen

Have you ever had a dream that fleas were wearing armor? Me too!

They’re hopping around with armor and shields, swords, and tiny helmets and tridents. In that dream you can hear them laughing along with little sounds of “Pew! Pew! Pew!” as they throw their weapons and get ready for their own attack on your beloved pet.  It’s actually not a dream it’s a nightmare.


Leptospirosis: Protect Yourself and Your Pet

What is Leptospirosis?

lepto photoLeptospirosis is a potentially zoonotic bacterial disease, defined as a disease spread from animals to people.  Most human cases occur from wildlife sources such as raccoons, squirrels, foxes, skunks, opossums, coyotes and rats whose urine has contaminated standing water or soil.  Direct transmission from pets to people is uncommon but has been reported, usually from pet rats.  The bacteria penetrates mucous membranes or abraded skin. Continue…