A woman and her dog celebrate the holidays.

This holiday season, show your furry companions how grateful you are for their unconditional love by treating them to a jolly good time! Your friends at Androscoggin Animal Hospital have put together some suggestions for safe holiday fun you can have with your pets.

  1. Picture This!

Let’s be honest, your pet’s pics already populate your Facebook and Insta feeds, so why not feature your furbaby front and center in your holiday family photo? Turn your snap into a card, ornament, or mouse mat, and, of course, share it on social media. Elevate the cuteness level by wearing coordinating sweaters or PJs—but only if your pet is OK being a fashionista. And be on the lookout for local events offering pet photo ops with Santa.

  1. Treat Your Pet to a Light Show

What dog doesn’t love a car ride with his favorite human? Turn on the holiday tunes and cruise the decorated neighborhoods or drive-through light displays together. Be sure your pet is secured to the car seat and can’t jump out if you decide to roll down the windows.

Another great option? Take a stroll through your neighborhood in the winter air and experience the lights up close. Just be sure your pet is leashed or contained in a pet stroller. 

  1. Hit the Trail

There’s nothing your pet loves more than spending unhurried, one-on-one time with you, and a long winter walk through a wooded area provides the perfect escape from the busyness of the holidays. Let your pet set the pace, and take advantage of fallen pine cones, acorns, and other treasures by collecting them to use for holiday crafts or décor. 

If Old Man Winter has treated us to a fresh layer of snow, be sure your pet has appropriate outerwear, and keep his paws protected.

  1. Bake Pet-Friendly Cookies

The internet is filled with inspo for homemade holiday pet treats! Invite your pet into the kitchen and let him join in the fun by slipping him samples of safe ingredients (like peanut butter or pumpkin) while you mix up a batch of holiday cookies made just for him. Put on those holiday tunes for added ambiance. 

  1. Unwind Together

Light the fire, turn down the lights, and cuddle up with your pet to watch a holiday movie classic together. Let your pet indulge in a couple of your freshly made pet cookies while you nibble on your own favorite snacks. 

However you choose to make your own holiday magic, keep pet safety top of mind, and consider having your pet microchipped if you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors. And above all else, enjoy this special time with your pet. The veterinarians at Androscoggin Animal Hospital wish you and your pets a safe and happy holiday season.