Veterinarian Tips 101: All About Pet Poison Prevention

A tabby cat with their friend sitting on the rugOur four-legged friends tend to be active and adventurous, and we love that about them! However, at times they can get into things they shouldn’t. Hopefully, your pets have never ingested anything that caused a pet emergency, but it’s always good to be prepared.

With that in mind, and in celebration of Pet Poison Prevention Week, Androscoggin Animal Hospital has put together a few tips and ideas for how to prevent pet poisoning in and around your home.


At-Home Pet Dental Care

A dog having its teeth brushed in the bathMost of us brush our teeth twice a day and see the dentist at least annually, but many of our pets don’t have the benefit of regular pet dental care. It’s true, we love their smiles no matter what they look like. But did you know that it’s not only a great smile and fresh breath that counts?

It is estimated that over 85% of pets over the age of 3 have some form of dental disease. Dental disease can be present without you even knowing it and can cause bad breath, bleeding gums, infection under the gumline, tooth loss, and even compromise your pet’s internal organs.

If you already have an at-home pet dental care program, congratulations! If not, let Androscoggin Animal Hospital help you prevent dental disease with a team approach.


Keeping Them Well: Pet Wellness Care for Your New Pet

new petA new year has begun, and we’re sure that some of you have added a new pet to your family this holiday season! New pets are such an exciting way to add love and fun to your home, but they also take some adjustment as you become familiar with your pet’s health needs and personality. There’s a lot to learn about keeping your new pet healthy – from exercise and nutrition to pet wellness and preventive care. At Androscoggin Animal Hospital, it’s our job to help you learn the best ways to keep your new pet healthy, and we’re excited to get started!


Using String, Ribbon, and Tinsel? Not for Holiday Cat Safety!

Cats can be pretty awesome during the holidays. Sure, they probably won’t wear the matching ugly Christmas sweater you knitted for them, but they might allow you to wrap presents while napping on top of the festive paper or attacking your scissors – if you’re lucky. Indeed, many cats like the lights, sparkles, and revelry as much as we do, but that doesn’t mean holiday cat safety can be set aside due to joyful pouncing.


Testing 1, 2, 3: A Spotlight on Pet Baseline Lab Work

A lab technician performing testsAs pet owners, we try to make the world a wonderful place for our dear, furry companions. By making sure they have a nutritious diet, get their vaccinations, sleep in a cozy bed, and receive plenty of snuggles and playtime, we hope that we are giving our best pals the life they deserve. But what if there was something more we could be doing to ensure their long-term health and vitality?

Teaming up with your veterinarian for regular wellness care and diagnostic testing is a simple and extremely effective way to give your pet a better quality of life. Pet baseline lab work is essential for the early diagnosis, treatment, and even prevention of health issues before they become serious problems.

The Importance of Pet Baseline Lab Work

Running tests on a pet who isn’t feeling well is an obvious move, but don’t discount the importance of regular health and wellness screenings for healthy pets, as well. Lifestyle, age, and genetic predisposition all play a role in a pet’s susceptibility to disease. Annual wellness exams and diagnostic tests such as blood panels, urine and fecal testing, and other important screenings are indispensable tools for monitoring your pet’s health over time.


Hippity Hoppity: Rabbit Care Basics

rabbit careRabbits can make great pets. Not only are they adorable, but they’re also full of personality and are quite trainable. Sadly, though, many people take on a rabbit without fully understanding their needs. Many health problems that our bunny friends suffer are related to improper care. Androscoggin Animal Hospital knows the importance of rabbit care and is happy to help our fellow lagomorph lovers take better care of them.


How Fear Free Certification Benefits Your Pet – and You!

A puppy being examined

At Androscoggin Animal Hospital, our aim is to provide the best care possible for your furry family. One of the ways we have worked to accomplish this is through our Fear-Free Certification. With this distinction, you can rest easy knowing that members of our staff meet the national standards required to provide a comfortable and stress-free environment for our patients. This, in turn, allows them to experience complete wellness for their lifelong health and well being.

There is quite a bit involved with becoming a Fear-Free certified veterinarian that pet owners and pets will benefit from – here is why!


Beware Dr. Google: Finding Credible Pet Health Information Online

fear-free certificationIn our digital age, it’s only natural to turn to the Internet when we have a question or a problem. The proliferation of online resources makes finding the answers we need easier than ever before. Indeed, whether you are trying to find a good Chinese restaurant, researching local plumbers, booking a flight, or paying a bill, the World Wide Web has got you covered.

Many of us turn to the Internet to help us care for our pets also, including when we are concerned about their health. Having so many sources available to us is wonderful, but we all know that just because you see something on the Internet that doesn’t mean it’s true. Finding credible pet health information online can be a challenge, but your team at Androscoggin Animal Hospital is here to help.


Pet Boarding: The More You Know

Pet owners who travel with their pets are very lucky indeed, but sometimes the potential cost and stress involved can lead to other options. Asking friends or relatives to watch your pet may work well, but, like the 30 million other pet owners who depend on it, you may find that a pet boarding facility can also be ideal. However, not all pet boarding experiences are the same.


ER, Urgent Care, or Specialty Center? Which Type of Specialty Veterinarian Does My Pet Need?

Five pets sitting in the waiting roomThere’s no doubt that veterinary medicine has come a long way in recent years. Our society’s growing respect for pets has corresponded to advancements in the field, and providing high quality medical care is now considered an essential element of modern pet ownership. Not only do today’s pets have access to preventive care on par with their human companions, but they also enjoy the best in diagnostics, surgery, physical therapy, emergency care, and more.