AAHA Accreditation and Your Pets

aaha accredationIf you have taken the time to browse the Androscoggin Animal Hospital website, you may have noticed that little red logo in the bottom left corner that tells you that we are AAHA accredited. While that may sound fancy, do you really know or care what AAHA accreditation, means? Take a minute to learn more about why you should!

What is AAHA Accreditation?

AAHA is the American Animal Hospital Association, an organization that has been around since 1933. Their main goal is to ensure the highest level of care possible when it comes to the health care of pets.


Pet Laser Therapy: A Breakthrough Treatment for Pain Management and Recovery

Laser therapyOne of the most exciting forms of therapy for treating pet pain and encouraging recovery is pet laser therapy. Laser therapy has been embraced as one of the safest, most effective adjunct therapies for numerous conditions that affect many cats and dogs. Its uses range from managing chronic pain to promoting faster healing to reducing swelling and inflammation.

However, while it’s a well-integrated component of modern veterinary medicine, it remains largely misunderstood by pet owners. To help clarify what pet laser therapy is and how it can help animals of all ages, the team at Androscoggin has compiled some basic information about this noninvasive, gentle treatment option.


From Rabies to Salmonella: The Prevalence and Risks of Zoonotic Diseases

Zoonotic Disease text with stethoscopeReviewing a list of zoonotic diseases can bring about a paranoid, highly concerned state of mind. As with anything, though, control is regained when you know what’s out there and how you can take measures to reduce exposure.

At Androscoggin Animal Hospital, our veterinarians help you do just that through your pet’s routine wellness exams. By updating vaccinations, continuing monthly parasite preventives, and observing any changes, you’re protecting your pet’s health – and the health of your entire family.


Pet Insurance: Is it Right for You?

A pet with a sign saying "Protect your Pet!"There is no denying that the cost of healthcare is high, and continues to rise. Even in the veterinary field, new technology and capabilities are continuing to emerge, but they are not without cost. We can offer your family pet the best care and more treatment options, but sometimes these options can become cost prohibitive for pet owners.

People utilize health insurance to help offset some of the cost of their medical care, and pet insurance is also now widely available to help pet owners pay for their pet’s veterinary expenses. But is pet insurance really worth it? What are the benefits? Read on to learn if pet insurance might be right for you.


Prevention Is Key: Avoiding Household Pet Toxins

A puppy sitting on a tile floorWhen we think of dangerous items that may be in our homes, we probably aren’t thinking about mundane things like chocolate or aspirin. These and other items we might have lying around deserve a second look, however, as they can pose a poisoning risk to our four-legged friends.

Pet poisoning situations are one of the most common causes of pet emergencies, but preventing a scary accident is as simple as moving dangerous items out of your pet’s reach. The start of a new year is the perfect time to take a look around your home for household pet toxins and make sure they are stored safely.

A Love Like No Other: The Impact of the Human-Animal Bond

Holiday season with my best friendAndroscoggin Animal Hospital knows how important your pet is to you. Did you realize, though, that the benefits of having an animal in your life go way beyond the companionship you feel?

There are documented benefits of pet ownership and ongoing studies looking at these important relationships. The human-animal bond is a real thing, and something that is bettering the lives of animal lovers everywhere.


Letting the Cat Out of the Bag: Why Holiday Pet Safety is a Big Deal

time to playRemember when we were blogging about parasite prevention last spring? It’s hard to believe we’re already rounding the corner toward winter and the holidays, but here we are!

When you think about this time of year, perhaps only the good things come to mind. While scrumptious food, piles of presents, and beautiful decor certainly contribute to the general splendor, they also provide dangerous opportunities for your pet. That’s why we’ve got holiday pet safety on our minds – and we hope you do, too!


Picture Picture: Pet Digital Imaging

pet xray; x-ray of a catWhile providing a thorough physical examination and obtaining your pet’s history can help us to get to the bottom of many issues, sometimes more advanced diagnostic testing is required.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and radiography (X-rays) and ultrasound can give us a lot of valuable information.

At Androscoggin Animal Hospital, we offer digital imaging for pets so that we can diagnose problems more efficiently to help your pet feel better, faster. Continue…

Indoor Cat Activities to Keep Your Kitty Healthy and Active

time to playAlthough there is a lot of focus on dog exercise and playtime, the truth is that our cats need exercise, too. This is particularly the case for indoor kitties whose exercise needs are too often neglected or limited by fewer opportunities for play.

Considering that an estimated 60% of household cats are obese or overweight, there is a strong need for indoor cat activities that help beat boredom and work off calories. Continue…

Recognizing And Responding To A Pet Emergency

pet emergency surgeryIt’s 3:00 a.m. and you wake to the unmistakable sounds of your dog vomiting… Again. You’re worried, but should you call the vet at this hour, or is best to wait until morning? It’s hard not to panic or second-guess yourself when your pet appears to be struggling, which is why it’s important to understand what constitutes a pet emergency.

Some illness and injuries are immediately obvious, but because pets have evolved to hide their pain, it can often be difficult to tell when to seek medical care for your furry loved one. Although there is certainly no one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with a pet emergency, we have outlined many of the signs and symptoms that require immediate medical attention. Continue…