Laser therapyOne of the most exciting forms of therapy for treating pet pain and encouraging recovery is pet laser therapy. Laser therapy has been embraced as one of the safest, most effective adjunct therapies for numerous conditions that affect many cats and dogs. Its uses range from managing chronic pain to promoting faster healing to reducing swelling and inflammation.

However, while it’s a well-integrated component of modern veterinary medicine, it remains largely misunderstood by pet owners. To help clarify what pet laser therapy is and how it can help animals of all ages, the team at Androscoggin has compiled some basic information about this noninvasive, gentle treatment option.

Pet Laser Therapy Explained

Often called low level laser or companion laser therapy, this therapy relies on the use of concentrated infrared light that’s applied to affected areas of the body. This laser light produces a warm sensation as it generates heat and penetrates the tissue. Many pets, in fact, often relax due to the soothing sensation.

This photochemical reaction increases blood flow and cell regeneration while reducing inflammation and pain. By acting on a cellular level, laser therapy can speed up recovery and healing time and can alleviate pain associated with acute and chronic conditions.

One of the best aspects of this modality is that it’s noninvasive and does not require sedation or medication. It’s completely safe for all pets, including seniors, producing no negative side effects.

Pet laser therapy can be incredibly beneficial in treating all of the following conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Postoperative healing
  • Wounds and fractures
  • Sprains and ligament tears
  • Allergies
  • Skin conditions
  • Ear infections
  • Dental disease

Additionally, we use therapeutic laser treatment as part of our pain control plan for all appropriate surgeries, including spays and neuters.

How it Works

To determine the number of treatments needed, we begin with a consultation and examination of your pet. We then help you design a treatment plan that encompasses laser therapy, as well as other appropriate therapies.

Each session typically lasts 10-20 minutes and simply requires the use of special goggles to protect the eyes. Many pet owners are happy to learn that they can also remain with their pets during treatment, which helps keep pets calm and relaxed.

Ask Us About Pet Laser Therapy

At Androscoggin, our Class IV lasers are among the latest in laser technology, are FDA approved, and rely on scientific evidence of efficacy. If your pet has struggled with pain, has an upcoming surgery, or has sustained an injury, we recommend contacting us to discuss how laser therapy can benefit your companion.

There’s no reason any pet should struggle with ongoing pain or a lengthy recovery time. Pet laser therapy is one of the best modalities to encourage pain relief and rapid healing for your pet.