Dog Sitter

Discovering a great dog sitter is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You can’t believe your good fortune. And when you’re searching for a dog sitter, you’re willing to look far and wide for the right person. So, how do you find a pet sitter? Androscoggin Animal Hospital has a list of traits to look for:

Boundless Enthusiasm for Pets

First and foremost, a pet sitter should be a confirmed animal lover. Even if they don’t currently have pets, they should be completely at ease with your dog right away. In fact, they should be eager to quickly become your dog’s best buddy. It’s not something they can fake, so watch their demeanor and interactions carefully.

Deep Reservoir of Pet Knowledge

Top-tier pet sitters are knowledgeable about the nutritional and physical needs of many dog breeds. They closely follow pet care trends, and they know the locations of facilities such as veterinarians and dog parks. General knowledge about dogs will ensure that a pet sitter can handle unexpected situations should they arise.

Emergency Care Plans

A knowledgeable pet sitter has a targeted game plan for emergency situations. If your dog eats an entire bag of cookies, or suddenly shows troubling symptoms, a well-informed pet sitter will know exactly where to find urgent or emergency care. The pet sitter should also know where to take your dog in a weather emergency.

A Schedule that Meets Your Needs

It is very important to discuss your pet sitting timeframe when interviewing someone to stay with your dog. One of the most important qualities of a good sitter is that their schedule will meet your needs. Lay out a list of tasks you need them to do for/with your pet and a clear schedule of when it should happen to see if they can accommodate you and your dog.

Consistent, Personal Communication

While you’re away, you want regular updates on your dog’s activities. You’d probably also like some fun photos and videos sprinkled among meal and potty break reports. Talk to a pet sitter about how they communicate to see if they check this box.

Great Client Reviews

A top-notch pet sitter will be glad to share references from satisfied clients. They should also have numerous favorable testimonials on review sites or Google. Remember that a pet sitter with a few happy long-term clients may be a better choice than one with numerous one-time clients.

Special Needs Accommodation (If Necessary)

You can probably find a pet sitter who will walk your dog on a certain schedule. However, what if the dog also needs scheduled medication or diabetes shots? What if they need a post-surgical bandage change? If you have a pet with special requirements, you might want to consider hiring a veterinary technician or another pet professional with medical knowledge.

Androscoggin Animal Hospital is here to help you find what you need to properly care for your pets. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice during your next wellness checkup. Call today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.