Flea and Tick Prevention to Protect Your Pet (and Family)

A large tick on a blade of grassThey’re here! That’s right… Flea and tick season is in the works, and for those of us living in regions rife with these warm weather pests, prevention is a top priority.

Whether meandering through the woods with your favorite Fido or combatting the flea invasions which always seems to occur this time of year, the question is: how do we keep the parasites away? Continue…

My Dog and Cat Have Fleas!

flea photoOh Hey, Let’s Talk Pupae! by front desk specialist Jen

Have you ever had a dream that fleas were wearing armor? Me too!

They’re hopping around with armor and shields, swords, and tiny helmets and tridents. In that dream you can hear them laughing along with little sounds of “Pew! Pew! Pew!” as they throw their weapons and get ready for their own attack on your beloved pet.  It’s actually not a dream it’s a nightmare.


Heartworm Prevention

fiddle 2Heartworm disease is preventable with careful monitoring and administration of monthly medication. Heartworm disease can cause life threatening heart issues in dogs, and severe lung problems in cats. Heartworm disease is transmitted to dogs and cats by the bite of an infected mosquito. Although you can’t avoid mosquitoes, you can effectively kill the parasites. Continue…