Back to School & Other Causes Of Separation Anxiety in Pets

Separation anxiety in pets.

For many families, fall brings a significant shift in day-to-day schedules. Long summer days are left behind, kids return to school, and evenings and weekends are full of hobbies and extracurricular activities. Some family members, including the furry ones, are less than thrilled with this change.


Things That Go BOOM: Coping With Pet Noise Anxiety

Cat hiding under sofaIt’s a familiar scene for many pet owners: a summer storm is rolling in, and before the noise of thunder even begins, you hear the telltale signs of your pet’s fear: panting, pacing, ID tags jingling, perhaps the sounds of him or her scratching or digging at furniture or doors.

Whether it’s a summer storm, a 4th of July fireworks display, or some other source of loud, explosive sound, pet noise anxiety is a fact of life for millions of pet owners. Prolonged periods of severe anxiety is not only bad for your pet’s mental well being, but  it can also have deleterious effects on his or her physical health as well. Continue…