Nosh, Nom and Nibble: Thanksgiving Pet Safety

A dog eyeing a turkey

Whether your holiday celebration is a grand gathering or an intimate affair, chances are there will be at least one or two pets on the guest list. It’s only natural that we would want to give thanks with those we are grateful for; and, let’s face it, we are certainly grateful for our pets.

Celebrating this cozy holiday with furry family members doesn’t have to be complicated, as long as you’re mindful of which Thanksgiving foods a pet can eat, and what they need to stay away from. Thanksgiving pet safety comes in many forms, and the doctors and staff at Androscoggin Animal Hospital want to share our tips with you for a pet-friendly Thanksgiving!


Permanent ID: The Incredible Benefits of Pet Microchips

A tabby cat in the outdoors

When you adopt a pet from an animal shelter or rescue, they are almost always microchipped. That’s because those of us in the veterinary field understand the incredible power of this tiny piece of technology to reunite lost pets with their loving families.

Studies show that 1 in 3 pets will go missing at some point in their lives. Out of the hundreds of thousands who wind up in animal shelters each year, many are never returned to their owners. 

Pet microchips are slowly turning this sad statistic around, one pet at a time.


Enjoy the Season with These Summer Pet Safety Tips

Summer pet safety makes summer fun with pets.Time flies! It feels like just yesterday we were posting information about holiday pet safety for our community of dedicated owners. Now that summer is in full swing, it’s time to review the many ways our pets can get into trouble – or be placed inadvertently in harm’s way. Fortunately, with our tried and true methods for summer pet safety, you and your pet can enjoy all the season has to offer.

Getting Started

One of the best ways to get your pet started off on the right paw this summer is to have them examined. Preventive care exams offer great insight into your pet’s wellness, including dental health, nutrition, and disease prevention. Continue…

Veterinarian Tips 101: All About Pet Poison Prevention

A tabby cat with their friend sitting on the rugOur four-legged friends tend to be active and adventurous, and we love that about them! However, at times they can get into things they shouldn’t. Hopefully, your pets have never ingested anything that caused a pet emergency, but it’s always good to be prepared.

With that in mind, and in celebration of Pet Poison Prevention Week, Androscoggin Animal Hospital has put together a few tips and ideas for how to prevent pet poisoning in and around your home.


How Fear Free Certification Benefits Your Pet – and You!

A puppy being examined

At Androscoggin Animal Hospital, our aim is to provide the best care possible for your furry family. One of the ways we have worked to accomplish this is through our Fear-Free Certification. With this distinction, you can rest easy knowing that members of our staff meet the national standards required to provide a comfortable and stress-free environment for our patients. This, in turn, allows them to experience complete wellness for their lifelong health and well being.

There is quite a bit involved with becoming a Fear-Free certified veterinarian that pet owners and pets will benefit from – here is why!


Prevention Is Key: Avoiding Household Pet Toxins

A puppy sitting on a tile floorWhen we think of dangerous items that may be in our homes, we probably aren’t thinking about mundane things like chocolate or aspirin. These and other items we might have lying around deserve a second look, however, as they can pose a poisoning risk to our four-legged friends.

Pet poisoning situations are one of the most common causes of pet emergencies, but preventing a scary accident is as simple as moving dangerous items out of your pet’s reach. The start of a new year is the perfect time to take a look around your home for household pet toxins and make sure they are stored safely.

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag: Why Holiday Pet Safety is a Big Deal

time to playRemember when we were blogging about parasite prevention last spring? It’s hard to believe we’re already rounding the corner toward winter and the holidays, but here we are!

When you think about this time of year, perhaps only the good things come to mind. While scrumptious food, piles of presents, and beautiful decor certainly contribute to the general splendor, they also provide dangerous opportunities for your pet. That’s why we’ve got holiday pet safety on our minds – and we hope you do, too!


Recognizing And Responding To A Pet Emergency

pet emergency surgeryIt’s 3:00 a.m. and you wake to the unmistakable sounds of your dog vomiting… Again. You’re worried, but should you call the vet at this hour, or is best to wait until morning? It’s hard not to panic or second-guess yourself when your pet appears to be struggling, which is why it’s important to understand what constitutes a pet emergency.

Some illness and injuries are immediately obvious, but because pets have evolved to hide their pain, it can often be difficult to tell when to seek medical care for your furry loved one. Although there is certainly no one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with a pet emergency, we have outlined many of the signs and symptoms that require immediate medical attention. Continue…

Life Is A Highway: Travel With A Pet Like A Pro

dog and man road trip heartWhen summer, holiday, or weekend travel plans are in the works, that includes trying to figure out what to do with our four legged friends during vacation. While there is certainly nothing wrong with lining up a pet sitter or kennel for your pet, sometimes bringing our furry companions along for the ride just makes more sense.

Your pet’s health, safety and comfort are among the most important factors to consider before you hit the road. Fortunately, today’s pet-centric society provides plenty of options for those of us who choose to travel with a pet Continue…

Things That Go BOOM: Coping With Pet Noise Anxiety

Cat hiding under sofaIt’s a familiar scene for many pet owners: a summer storm is rolling in, and before the noise of thunder even begins, you hear the telltale signs of your pet’s fear: panting, pacing, ID tags jingling, perhaps the sounds of him or her scratching or digging at furniture or doors.

Whether it’s a summer storm, a 4th of July fireworks display, or some other source of loud, explosive sound, pet noise anxiety is a fact of life for millions of pet owners. Prolonged periods of severe anxiety is not only bad for your pet’s mental well being, but  it can also have deleterious effects on his or her physical health as well. Continue…