Itchy Dogs

Coastal BeagleThe Itchy Dog

It is one of the most common health problems that we see at The Androscoggin Animal Hospital; the dog that won’t stop itching. They may be licking, biting their skin and feet, or scratching. They may have ear infections or rashes on their skin. It looks uncomfortable, it keeps us up at night, and it can be stinky!


Hospice and End of Life Decisions

Hospice Care and End of Life Issuescelia

Because attachment behaviors are the essence of the human-animal bond, owners want to return the unconditional love offered by companion animals, especially senior pets who have become long term family members. Our pets are integral parts of our family and we love them dearly. Seeing them age or develop disease can be very difficult. Continue…

Poison Control for Pets

Toxic Products for Dogs and CatsRocky and Tito

Do you know if you have any products  in your home that could be potential hazards for your dog or cat if the eat them? Many of us know that chocolate, ibuprofen, antifreeze and rat poison are toxic to pets if they are ingested, but what about sugar free products with xylitol, lilies, grapes and raisins, and Gorilla Glue? These are all potential hazards to your pets. Keep them out of reach of your pets, and immediately get help if any of these items are ingested; it happens! Continue…

Puppy and Kitten Vaccination

Why Do Puppies And Kittens Need Vaccines? 

kitten photoPuppies and Kittens are born with an immune system that is immature so they are very susceptible to infection with common diseases. When Puppies and Kittens are not properly vaccinated they are at risk of infection from these life threatening diseases that are easily prevented with proper and timely vaccination. Continue…

Cat Friendly Practice

Rolling out the Welcome Mat for an Under-served Pet Population

Cats Rule!

bonnie and clyde

It’s a question that has been asked for many years: Are you a dog person, or are you a cat person? If pet ownership is any indication of allegiance, then the public has clearly spoken.  Cats are the pet of choice, making up the greater number of home companion animals.  It is apparent that more people are realizing what great pets cats can be. Continue…