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Well, that happened. 2020 will forever be remembered for oh-so-many things. But for all that hit hard and hit home, there was one undeniable silver lining: Our pets.

Whether they’ve been trusty, longtime companions or new additions to your family, our cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and all the rest not only kept us (mostly) sane and laughing, but also reaped the benefits of life slowing down and our being home more as Covid wore on.

Not surprisingly, as folks began to spend more time with their pets, they started to have more and more questions on both what they were doing and why they were doing it; and we are so grateful that you included our blogs in your pursuit of answers. And so, we offer you our top 5 most-read blogs of 2020, just in case you missed something!

Androscoggin Animal Hospital’s Top 5 Blogs of 2020

A cat scratching a chair

#5 No Fear: How Our Fear Free Initiative Benefits Your Pet
For as long as we’ve been taking care of pets, making your pet’s visit a fear free experience has been a top priority. We care deeply about our pet patients, and helping them through a veterinary exam or treatment with as little stress and anxiety is important to us. A fear free experience at the vet also makes future vet visits easier on you!

#4 Curb Destructive Cat Scratching Before It Gets Out Of Hand
Oddly, cats like to sleep inside cardboard boxes instead of fluffy, soft beds. They like to meow for food despite their bowls not being empty. And, undeterred by well-placed scratching posts throughout the house, they like to scratch up the furniture or curtain panels. What’s an owner supposed to do? 

#3 The Ins and Outs of Puppy and Kitten Vaccines
Our fur babies are important to us and, if you have a new puppy or kitten, we bet you are reveling in the joy and fun of it all. Of course you want to give your new pet a great start in life, and you and your veterinary healthcare team can make sure that happens. Puppy and kitten vaccines is the place to start.

A cat chewing on a pair of glasses

#2 Indoor Cat Activities to Keep Your Kitty Healthy and Active
Although there is a lot of focus on dog exercise and playtime, the truth is that our cats need exercise, too. This is particularly the case for indoor kitties whose exercise needs are too often neglected or limited by fewer opportunities for play.

#1 Funky Feet: When Your Pet’s Paws Smell Like Fritos
Have your ever gotten a whiff of your pet’s paws and thought to yourself, “corn chips?” That’s curious, right? Sure, dogs don’t always smell particularly wonderful, but why this recognizable scent? “Frito paws” is a common complaint from many dog owners and can usually be easily explained. 

Ever Onward!

As we move into 2021, we hope you’ll continue to turn to our pet health blog for answers to your questions. Happy new year, friends! And may the odds be ever in our favor!