A cat looking at a phone screen.

There’s a reason why “smarty cat” is part of our vernacular. Any cat lover will profess that cats are extremely intelligent creatures, with an insatiable curiosity, an ability to adapt to their surroundings, and a distinct aura of superiority—especially when they’re in the presence of dogs. And perhaps the clearest marker of feline intelligence: they have very little interest in following orders.

Cat lovers agree that all cats are smarty cats, but some cat breeds are known for being more quick-witted than others.

Cat Breeds with Extra Brain Power

The following five cat breeds routinely rank among the most intelligent:


Widely recognized as the smartest cat breed, these slender, athletic cats can learn tricks and even tackle agility courses! Abyssinians are highly inquisitive and tend to get along with other animals—even large birds. 


Chatty and active, Siamese cats are especially social, which makes them ideal for households with multiple cats. Known for their stunning blue eyes and distinctive coats, Siamese cats are active, curious, and notoriously mischievous when they get too bored. 


These striking, long-legged, athletic cats are draped in leopard-like coats and known for their remarkable agility. Bengal cats can jump as high as 8 feet, so having safe, vertical spaces in which to play and explore is crucial. Bengals do best with cat people who are committed to keeping these high-energy felines adequately entertained. 


Energic, very clever, and friendly, Burmese cats are tricksters who can learn to fetch, walk on a leash, and even follow commands like “sit” and “come.” Smother these highly social felines with affection—or provide them with the company of animal companions—and keep them busy, or their boredom will manifest in playful mischief. 

Cornish Rex

Easily recognizable by their short, wavy coats, oversized ears, and undersized heads, these cats have long toes and have been known to open cabinets and doors rather easily! Extremely playful and kid-friendly, Cornish Rexes enjoy physical exercise and being in the middle of all the action. 

Spark Your Cat’s Brilliance

Whichever cat breed you choose—or whichever breed chooses you—maintaining mental acuity with age-appropriate activities is integral to his or her pet wellness

  • Interactive play, every day if possible, is the best way to keep your kitty physically and mentally active. Choose toys that you can roll, swing, or drag along the floor to stimulate your cat’s interest. 
  • Puzzle dispensers can turn treat time into a fun game!
  • Repurpose shipping boxes and turn them into recyclable kitty playhouses. 
  • Install a cat perch near a window with a view of bird baths or feeders.
  • Create your own agility course complete with ramps, tunnels, and other fun “obstacles!”

Sharp minds and healthy bodies go hand-in-hand, so be sure to keep your cat mentally active and maintain regular pet wellness visits at Androscoggin Animal Hospital. Contact us at (207) 729–4678.