Puppy and microscopeMost of us drag our children, and ourselves, into the physician’s office once per year for a checkup. We get weighed (perhaps not the best part of the visit), poked and prodded a bit, our doctor may order a few age appropriate tests, and we’re on our way.

Regular pet wellness exams are just as important for our four-legged family members as they are for us. An annual physical exam is, by far, one of the best investments you can make in your pet’s future. By tending to your pet’s health and wellness now, you are helping to ensure that he or she is healthy, happy, and by your side for years to come.

The Importance Of Regular Pet Wellness Exams

We pet owners are quite familiar with our pet’s daily habits, their behaviors, and their likes and dislikes. But how are we to know if our pet is beginning to feel the effects of arthritis, or if their kidneys or liver is starting to malfunction?

Your pet’s regular wellness visits are about so much more than just another round of vaccinations (although those are important too!). By adhering to your pet’s schedule of annual or biannual exams, you are increasing the chances that any health problems will be caught and treated before they turn into something more serious. Wellness visits can save you time, money, and possibly even heartbreak.

Other Aspects Of Pet Wellness Care

Although vaccinations, weight checks, blood work, and a “nose to tail” physical examination are performed at each wellness visit, there are a variety of other important aspects of your pet’s health that are taken into account:

Dental health – Up to 85% of cats and dogs have some form of dental disease by the time they reach 3 years of age. If left untreated, dental disease can trigger a host of systemic problems for your pet and may even decrease his or her life expectancy. Your veterinarian will perform an oral exam at each visit and discuss home and follow up care with you.

Behavioral concerns – Behavior problems in pets can be stressful for both the pet and his or her human family, and a wellness visit is a great opportunity to discuss these concerns with your veterinarian. Certain behavior issues may also indicate underlying health problems, which can be looked into more closely during your pet’s exam.

Establishing a health baseline – Knowing your pet’s “wellness normals” is critical in catching illnesses or other health problems in their early stages. By adhering to your dog or cat’s regularly scheduled wellness exams, you are helping your veterinarian to establish a health baseline for your pet, so that any future abnormalities can be spotted quickly.

Regular wellness exams are one of the most important things we can do for our pets! Contact us to set up an appointment today. Your friends at Androscoggin Animal Hospital look forward to seeing you and your furry friend soon!