February 24, 2015 is WORLD SPAY DAYworld spay day 2

A day to spay or neuter your pet, a day to recommend spaying and neutering for all pets, and a day to think about the benefits that spaying and neutering provide to people and animals around the world.

A single female dog and her pups can potentially produce thousands of offspring over a lifetime, and cats even more.  Most of those puppies and kittens will not find permanent loving homes.  Some will end up in shelters or humane societies, many more will be destroyed- killed by poison or other means, depending on where in the world they live.world spay day 1

Spaying (surgical hysterectomy for females) and Neutering (castration for males) is safe and 100% effective in controlling dog and cat overpopulation.  This is the only proven long -term effective means of birth control for dogs and cats.

What is a Spay? A Spay is a surgical procedure performed by a licensed veterinarian to remove the ovaries and uterus of female dogs and cats.  Surgery is performed under general anesthesia in a veterinary hospital to insure each pet’s safety and full recovery.  Pain relief medication is provided.  Pets may go home the same day as surgery or be hospitalized over night.

What is Neutering? Neutering refers to castration of male cats and dogs to remove the testicles.  This is also a surgical procedure done by a veterinarian using general anesthesia.  Neutered male pets are not able to breed, and may have less of a tendency to roam and fight or be aggressive.

Benefits: Spaying and neutering reduces pet over population. It provides important health benefits to your dog or cat by reducing the risk of certain cancers, reproductive infections and undesirable behavior.  It helps insure that every puppy or kitten finds a home where it is loved and and provides love in return.